Get started in Keynote
Use Handoff with Keynote, Undo or redo changes, Customize the toolbar, Zoom a slide or view Keynote full screen, Show or hide the inspectors, Ways to view your slides, Open an existing presentation, Create a new presentation, Keynote at a glance.

Add and organize slides
Add custom themes, Change a presentation theme, Add and edit master slides, Skip a slide, Group slides, Reorder slides, Show or hide slide numbers, Add slides.

Add images, shapes, and media
Add a link, Layer, group, and lock objects, Align and position objects, Set ruler preferences, Resize, rotate, or flip an object, Create object styles, Change an object’s appearance, Add video and audio, Add and edit shapes, Add and edit images.

Add, edit, and format text
Format Chinese, Japanese, or Korean text, Use bidirectional text, Set a default text box for a presentation, Add comments and highlight text, Find and replace text, Check spelling, Add color or a border to a text box, Format punctuation, Adjust character spacing and formatting, Format lists.

Add tables and charts
Add charts, Add formulas and functions, Add tables.

Animate your slides
Animate objects, Add transitions, Add a Magic Move transition.

Show your presentation
Highlight on slides as you present, Use Keynote Remote, Rehearse your presentation, Use presenter notes, Present on a separate display, Set presentation playback options, Record a self-playing narration, Change to a links-only or self-playing presentation, Play your presentation.

Manage presentations
Delete a presentation, Move a presentation, Add a password to a presentation, Lock a presentation, Save a presentation in package or single-file format, Save a presentation in another format, Locate a presentation, Save or rename a presentation.

Share and print presentations
Share files over a remote server, Use iTunes to transfer files, Print a presentation, Send a copy of a presentation, Share and edit a presentation with others, Use iCloud with Keynote.

Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcut symbols, Keyboard shortcuts.