Resize, move, and lock a table

When you click a table, controls appear around it so you can select, move, and resize it.

Select a table

  • Click the table, then click Table handle in its top-left corner.

Three selection handles (small white squares), appear on the edge of the table when it’s selected.

Resize a table

Resizing a table makes the table larger or smaller; it doesn’t change the number of rows and columns it contains.

  1. Select the table.

  2. Drag any of the selection handles (the white squares) on the edge of the table to make the table larger or smaller:

    • Resize the rows and columns simultaneously: Drag the white square in the corner.

    • Resize the table proportionally: Shift-drag the white square in the corner.

Move a table

  1. Click the table.

  2. Drag Table handle in its top-left corner to move the table to where you want it.

Lock or unlock a table

You can lock a table so that it can’t be edited, moved, or deleted.

  • Select the table, then in the Arrange tab at the top of the sidebar on the right, click Lock.

    If you don’t see a sidebar, or it doesn’t have an Arrange tab, click Format button in the toolbar.

To unlock a table, click it, then click Unlock in the sidebar.