Send a copy of a presentation

You can send a copy of a presentation that recipients can open and modify however they want on their own computers and devices. Their changes don’t affect the original presentation or any other copies of the presentation.

If recipients of the presentation use different software than you, you can choose another format for the copy you’re sending. For example, you can send a copy as a PDF, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (.pptx and .ppt), and more.

You can send your presentation in a variety of ways, including Mail, Messages, or in a tweet or a post to social media sites.

Send a copy

If you want to restrict access to the copy, you can add a password. To prevent anyone else from modifying it, you can lock it.

  1. Click Share menu button in the toolbar (or Share menu button if the presentation is shared with others in iCloud), choose Send a Copy, then choose a method for sending.

  2. Choose a presentation format, then specify settings for the format.

    Your options depend on the method you chose for sending. Some file types offer choices for image quality, format options, or passwords.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Provide any requested information (an email address if you’re sending an email, for example).

    If you aren’t signed in to your account for the method you chose, you’re asked to sign in before continuing. For AirDrop, the recipient must accept your presentation before it’s sent.