Add presenter notes to your slides

You can add notes to any slide to help you present. You can refer to your presenter notes during your presentation if you’re showing your presentation while connected to an external display. In this case, you must set up the presenter display layout to show presenter notes.

Add and edit notes for a slide

  1. Click View View button in the toolbar, then choose Show Presenter Notes.

  2. Type notes in the white area below the slide.

    To apply text formatting to the presenter notes, use the controls in the Format sidebar. (If you don’t see a sidebar, click Format button in the toolbar.)

To hide presenter notes, click View in the toolbar, then choose Hide Presenter Notes.

View presenter notes while playing your presentation

You can view your presenter notes on your screen while showing your presentation on a connected display. The notes appear only on your screen, so only you can see them.

  1. Click Play button in the toolbar on your Mac, then click Layout button.

  2. Select Presenter Notes.

  3. Press the Right Arrow key or Space bar to advance through your presentation.